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Project Summary
A control that mimics the behaviour of the Email app's reply/reply all/forward menu.


Get it from the downloads on the right, or from nuget:



Usage instructions can be found here.

More info

The Windows Phone Mail app has, when you’re in an email, a respond button which when tapped, brings up three further options, as illustrated below:
Screen Capture (3) Screen Capture (2)

On the left we have the icons on the application bar, tap the respond button (on the left) and you get the options as shown in the picture on the right.

There is, however, no way of doing that in your own apps, so I created this control that does it.

To use the control, please see the instructions.

Project Credits

This control is based on the sterling work done with the Coding4fun toolkit (also on codeplex) and made my life so easy when creating it.

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